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September 18th 2021
One Day
Six Friends
60 Miles
A Fun Filled Adventure

What Is This Relay All About?

The fourth annual MatSu Relay will be held on Saturday, September 18th. Teams of up to 6 runners will start from Hatcher Pass, and descend along the Little Susitna River as it cascades out to the north side of the Valley. The course continues through a mix of farmland and forest in full Autumn color to the heart of Wasilla. It then turns back to the east all the way to the bank of the Matanuska River before twisting through historic Palmer to the Finish.

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—Costume Contest

Have a creative/expressive/goofy side you want to let shine? Choose the Costume Leg for your team! One leg of the course will be designated the official costume leg. Whether it's the classic T-Rex or Banana Suit, the high school mascot costume you "borrowed" from your Alma Mater, or that ingenious idea you had one night at 2am, suit up and run! And don't worry--the costume leg won't be a 6 miler.



—Volunteers Are Awesome

MatSu Relay depends on an army of volunteers manning exchanges, directing parking, and generally guiding runners through their relay day. While teams can supply volunteers themselves, they can also contribute to the charity volunteer program.

Does your local community or non-profit group need to fundraise? Are they tired of selling candy bars and looking for something new? Contact us today about opportunities to support our race and earn money for your cause!

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