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—What Is The MatSu Relay

This is a relay that a team can finish in just one day with a group of just six. It's a great way to get your running shoes dipped into the world of relay races. We welcome runners and teams of all capabilities, from the elite to the mostly walking. All teams intermingle as they progress through the course, and everyone gets the finish line swag.

Please Choose Which Applies To You

You are a hero! Taking the lead and putting a relay team together can be some work but a lot of fun too. We will try to do our best to make the work part as easy as possible.

Please take a few moments and review the information in the above tabs for all the detailed info on registering a relay time. Once you have done that and you are ready to go come back here and click that button over there on the right!

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You have found the right place! You are also in luck, your Team Captain has done all the heavy lifting. So all we will need from you is for you to fill out a simple form. You can find that form by clicking the "Sign Me Up" button.

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Find A Team System Coming Soon!

Volunteers are awesome! There is no way this event could be put on without the help of you.

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2020 MatSu Relay Pricing

Early Bird
Thru 7/28
Open Registration
Late Registration
Cancellation Coverage Adder
Solo/Duo $160
PayPal/CC Only
+ $20
3-4 Runners $250
PayPal/CC Only
+ $40
5-6 Runners $400
PayPal/CC Only
+ $60

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, team captains will be given a 50% deferral credit for any future NxNW event.

Teams that purchase Cancellation Coverage will be given the choice of 75% refund or 100% deferral credit.

Team Divisions

The MatSu Relay divisions are a little different than some other races, so please review them carefully.

Open One or more team member underthe age of thirty.
Masters All team members are forty years of age or older.
Small Team Three or four runners on the team. Only has to provide one volunteer.
Solo Runner For the amazing and/or crazy.
Duo Runners Also amazing but better with a friend.
Public Service Military / Law Enforcement / Fire / Paramedics - At least four members or relatives active duty or reserves. No gender categories within this division.
High School Challenge All nineteen or younger. No gender categories within this division. Okay if some team members are entering freshman year of college as long as they are nineteen or younger

Gender Categories

Mixed Any combination of males or females.
Womens All team members are female.
Mens All team members are male.
Race Direction Signs

Volunteers Are Awesome & Required

Simply put without volunteers The MatSu Relay would be impossible to put on. Volunteers serve critical functions from helping with the course set-up/breakdown to being the friendly face at each exchange managing team traffic. Each team is required to provide one (1) volunteer. More are gladly accepted though and we promise to be nice to them.

Two Options To Meet Team Volunteer Requirement

1. B.Y.O.V.

Bring Your Own Volunteer to meet the volunteer requirement. Remember that friend you helped move who "owes you one"? Well time to call in that favor. Even though volunteering for The Matsu Relay is a lot more fun than helping anyone move.

2. Hire-A-Volunteer

The simple solution for fulfilling the volunteer requirement is to participate in our Hire-A-Volunteer program. We work with local non-profits who provide volunteers in exchange for a donation to their group. This is a great way to support local groups and have your participation in The Matsu Relay give a little back to the community.

  Through 8/16 8/17 — 09/07
All Teams $125 $250

A team can ecide to change from BYOV to Hire-A-Volunteer up until two months before race day without penalty, you need to contact the race director to make the switch. Once a team selects Hire-A-Volunteer no changes can be made.

Waivers, Forms & Race Guide Coming Soon